Everyone wishes his or her car would last forever, but nothing ever does. Whoa, too real. On a more chipper note, buying new stuff can be a great way to escape the sheer absurdity of life! So follow us on a journey as we decipher the signals from the universe, saying: “It’s time to replace that dog turd you call a car.”

1. Your car needs a major repair

If your car is worth $1000, and your repair is $1200, it’s time to get a new car. If your repairs cost more than your car, you’ll never get that money back. Plus, there’s a good chance something else is about to break. Which brings us to number 2.

2. It’s a money pit

If your car constantly requires maintenance and part replacements, it’s time to sell it. The simple fact is some cars are poorly built. If yours is, sell it and buy something more reliable. Check on Kelly Blue Book, Consumer Reports, and Edmunds, for car reviews and find something that makes sense for you.

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3. A poor fit

What do you do with clothes that don’t fit anymore? Toss out, donate, or sell them, right? Well we’d suggest the latter for a car that no longer fits you. Maybe your family is growing and you need a larger vehicle to fit them; or perhaps your new job has a longer commute and you need something more economical. Either way, you need a car that works for you.

4. You don’t feel safe

These days, new cars are incredibly safe. Even cars from the 2000s can’t compare to most new vehicles. The safety technology (backup cameras, lane assist, front and rear collision warnings) has improved immensely in the last few years, and the collision standards have become more strict for manufacturers. Don’t drive around waiting to get cooked in that tin can of yours.

5. Tape is holding it together

We’re not trying to be jerks here – Duck Tape® is amazing stuff – but if your car is being held together with any kind of store-bought adhesive, we’d recommend looking into some new options.

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6. You love technology

We’re on the edge of a huge technological breakthrough in the way we drive cars. Autonomous vehicles are starting to pop up all over the market, and if you hate stop and go traffic, you’ll love them. If a navigation system is the most advanced piece of technology in your car, and that bothers you, it may be time to check out what car manufacturers have been working on these last few years.

7. Your car makes you sad

If every time you get in your car, it stresses you out, or makes you unhappy, then it’s time to kick it to the curb. Find a car that makes you smile when you’re behind the wheel, and when you see it waiting for you in the parking lot.

8. If it wont start

buy a car

9. Your friends always offer to drive

“Oh no it’s fine, we can take my car…” Confused why your friends don’t want to ride with you? Maybe it’s because your car smells like a opossum, and they don’t have the heart to tell you. Or, your car is so rickety, that they don’t feel safe riding with you. Either way, that’s not what you want in a car.

10. If you just want a new one

There’s nothing wrong with buying something because you just want it. If you’ve got the money and you know what you want, then treat yourself! Life’s short – do what you want (within reason, of course).

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