Christmas letters are a great way to let your family and friends know what you’ve been up to over the last year. But what should be fun can easily become a big pain in the assorted chocolates. Writing your Christmas letter can be a blast if you just relax and have fun with it. Here are some Leith Honda Raleigh tips to help you craft a Christmas letter actually worth sending.

No Bragging

Be loud and be proud, but don’t be one of those people. We all know them. Letters like these won’t bring the recipient any Christmas cheer, so steer clear of boasting.

Tell Stories

If they’re funny and a little embarrassing, all the better. Most families have at least one "did you hear" story, so just have fun telling it. Imagine your relating the story to your best friend and write it in that same conversational, lighthearted tone. Much more enjoyable than a boring play-by-play.

Give Everyone a Voice

Sit down with your family and brainstorm over the year’s highlights. Let each member contribute a section. Anna’s Antics and Doug’s Doings are great ways to spice up a bland letter. They don’t have to write much, just a paragraph or so, but it really adds flavor to a typical letter told by one person.


Nothing adds interest to a Christmas letter like a few pictures. Candid shots are even more fun.

Bad News

Not everything that happens during the year is good news. Try to focus on the positive, but if you need to let people know about some sort of bad news, like someone passing away, do it honestly and with compassion. End on a happier note to prevent your letter from being a "downer."

Be Concise

It’s easy to get carried away, but don’t make your letter too long. No one wants to read a novel. Shorter is better. Keep it one page if you can, two at the most.

Change It Up

If you’re tired of the same old format or are suffering from writer’s block, try changing up the format.

  • Try a top ten list: What were the top ten funniest/most important/strangest things that happened to your family this year?
  • Movie review: Your family is starring in a movie about the last year. Write your letter like a reviewer. Check out your local paper or magazines to get ideas on the format and style.
  • Newspaper story: Dateline, your house. Write a fun, rapid-style newspaper story, with quotes about your family. Give it a headline and a few fun pictures.
  • Report cards: Give your family an elementary school report card with grades and teacher comments.
  • Interviews: Do a little Q &A with your family. Give each family member their own section. Use funny quotes whenever possible.
  • Change the perspective: Write if from the perspective of your family pet, house, new baby, or nosy neighbor. The way that "character" sees your family will give your letter a fun, fresh voice.

Don’t make writing your next Christmas letter a chore. Have fun writing it, and your readers will be sure to enjoy reading it.